The house SHIP is a modern and energy efficient dwelling, available in three different sizes: S, M and XL.
This house is prefabricated and delivered to the site on trucks.

The design aims to achieve 3 main goals:

  1. to create a comfy and functional layout;
  2. deliver an economical building module with minimal ecological impact and nearly zero waste;
  3. offer an alternative building with contemporary architecture to the type house market saturated with conservative designs.

SHIP S has the smallest floor plan, containing:

  • entrance terrace
  • entrance hall
  • living room
  • kitchen
  • one bathroom
  • sauna
  • storage room (under stairs)
  • one multipurpose room (bedroom) upstairs
  • terrace upstairs

SHIP M extends the S model with:

  • a larger bathroom
  • a garderobe/corridor
  • one bedroom

SHIP XL adds to M another block with

  • two extra bedrooms
  • a large corridor
  • bigger terrace upstairs


The house can be re-located with minimal cost.
The house is heated with a light furnace and air-air type heat pump.

The first buildings built in 2010 and 2011 have demonstrated remarkably low heating costs

Building's area: 52.7 - 73.9 - 113-2 m²

Design: Kauss Architects LLC