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prefabricated wooden homes are the future of construction.
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Building a prefab house is a complex task and to make the right decisions you need to know stuff. We are here to provide all the information you need to make smart choices and to avoid making costly mistakes.


Every month thousands of people browse our pages and hundreds of Home-buyers get in contact with us. We help them to get in touch with trusted Manufacturers, Architects, consultants and Suppliers.


An expert look on your project can save you time and money.
We are top professionals with great experience in the field of prefab wooden construction and we can evaluate your project to guarantee a fast and smooth implementation.

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Tiit Sild

  • Architect
  • Innovator
  • Entrepreneur

Tiit has worked as "City Architect" from 2005-2012.
He introduced to the City of Tartu the "Architectural Competition" as a tool to get better houses and better public spaces.

He focused his entire career on contemporary architecture and launched the project "katus" in 2013, as a Startup Venture.
His passion for wooden houses brought him to favor this type of construction and lead to the development of katus.eu.

He now runs his own architectural firm in Tartu and he provides technical assitance on architectural matters related to the business of katus.eu.


Andrea Bronzini

  • Certified Passivhaus Consultant
  • Sales & Marketing Expert
  • Entrepreneur

Andrea has been working with prefabricated wooden houses since 2010, when he got his Passivhaus Consultant certification (Passivhaus Institut, Darmstadt, Germany).

He has been employed as "Head of Sales and Development" in one of the most successful prefab house factories in Estonia and he has personally assisted hundreds of Clients in the implementation of their projects.

He is very passionate about Marketing and communication and he loves to create Content. almost everything you read on this website is written by him (me).