Tube Skillion 3

Price level: 135,000 - 168,000 € +taxes


1 Family


3 Bedrooms


1.5 Bathrooms


112 m²


Skillion is the original model of the Tube house.

The slanted roof bounces the light on the floor for maximum utilization of the natural light.

This particular version of the Tube Skillion features 3 bedrooms; one master bedroom and 2 smaller bedrooms, for a total of 112 square meters of space.
It's the ideal house for a growing family.


The Tube concept was designed with the needs of its residents in mind.
With this house we wanted to provide:

  • plenty of natural light;
  • a beautiful and functional space;
  • superior indoor comfort;
  • excellent energy performance.

The big windows facing the garden create a harmonious feeling of unity with nature.
A more modest front entrance front gives the building the privacy every family needs.

The terrace in front of the house expands the living area, making this house the perfect choice for a family who loves to spend time outdoors as well.

The Tube house was designed to be eco-friendly and to offer maximum indoor comfort.

The structure of the walls is designed using a 195mm timber frame and a 45 mm service frame on the interior side, for a total of 250mm of insulation in the external walls.
The roof sports 400mm insulation.

This provides superior energy performance.

Plan View

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Need drawings?

We developed for you a ready-made set of design documents. You can use them to get building permits and you can customize them as you wish.


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