Prefabricated Wooden

The time has come to build a house for your family.

You wish to build something unique, to celebrate your accomplishments and to provide a perfect environment for your family to grow and prosper.

This process can be overwhelming...
...but it doesn't have to be.

HOW do we do it ?

Product Info

state of the art products and components explained in detail.

Process Info

cutting edge technologies, best practices, standard procedures... revealed in plain english.

"How to" Info

step-by-step instructional guides to get moving with the project.

Industry Info

the most relevant News about Prefab Wooden Homes Industry.

WHAT do you get ?


the place where to be for everyone dealing with Prefab Wooden Homes.


evaluation of projects from real Experts in the field.


photos, stories, ideas... a great way to boost creativity and motivation.


save you a considerable amount of TIME and MONEY.

WHO is it for ?

for Home-buyers

get all the info you need to make better choices when building your new prefab home. You'll learn to speak the same language as Architects and Manufacturers and you will cut to ZERO misunderstandings, delays and extra costs.

for Architects
for Manufacturers
for Consultants
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We gather together Home-buyers, Architects, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Resellers ...

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on you find all the information you need to build an extraordinary home for your family!

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