Miniguides foreco-friendly home owners.

...and for anyone about to build a new house.

Nowadays we have access to a selection of materials and technologies that allow building very energy-efficient and eco-friendly homes.

Such houses are characterized by a unique and fantastic indoor comfort.
They are warm, cozy, quiet, healthy.

The problem with building this kind of homes seems to be that builders and architects are stuck in the ways of the past and are uncapable of offering the modern alternatives we are talking about here.

To open your eyes to what's possible and to give you a basic know-how on what you should demand from your architect and contractors, we developed a set of miniguides that cover different aspects of planning and building a new eco-friendly home.



Buying land for your home

Buying a land is one of the "important" decisions in your life... and you cannot afford making mistakes.

Imagine this: you buy a piece of land with a breathtaking view and, only a few years later, they'll build apartment buildings right in front of your panoramic window... or maybe you'll find out that on that land you cannot build the type of house you want.

This miniguide teaches you how to avoid these and other mistakes.


Ventilation in eco-friendly homes

They say eco-friendly homes must be airtight.
You might be wondering how is it possible to live in a closed box, with no fresh air ever coming in.

Except that it isn't really like that.
Eco-friendly houses have "lungs".
The ventilation system is the lungs of a modern home.

This miniguide explains the most important aspects of the ventilation system and gives you the information you need to start planning your own energy-efficient ventilation system.


Energy efficiency for new homes

Most people are after energy-efficient homes just because they want to save money on their monthly heating and cooling bills.

But an energy-efficient home gives you so much more than that! can literally change the way you experience indoor living.

This miniguide explains the key factors for energy efficiency and how they impact indoor comfort.


Cross-laminated Timber: Ultimate FAQ

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a wood-based construction material that has become quite popular in the past 10 years.

CLT brings together some of the benefits of building with wood and some of the benefits of building with concrete.
This makes it quite unique and versatile.

This miniguide answers the most frequently asked questions about CLT.


Building a prefab house with a general contractor

When you build a prefab house (or any other kind of house) you need to hire a general contractor, or a series of local companies to carry on the works for you.

This miniguide addresses the most important aspects you should take into consideration when planning to choose a general contractor for your project.


Windows for eco-friendly homes

Picking windows for your house seems an easy task at first, but when you dig a little deeper, things get complicated.

Things like size and color are obvious... but what about stuff like energy performance, sun protection, safety features?

This miniguide teaches you what you should really pay attention to when it comes to windows for your new home.


Must know before building

When the idea of building a new home makes its way into your head, it is easy to get trapped into a fantasy.

In the very beginning, you most likely have no real plan and you have no clue how much you can afford to spend, neither how this dream house could look like.

This miniguide points your attention on the things you should not overlook.


How much does a prefab house cost?

You want to build a house and your number one problem is to figure out if you can afford it. 

Unfortunately, this seemingly simple question hardly ever gets an immediate numeric answer.

Why? ...because there are many things that play a role in the cost of a construction project.

This miniguide explains which are the main components of the total cost of a project and helps you to put together your budget.


Wood and long-term sustainability

Something should be changed in the building sector so that our grandchildren can still enjoy our home planet in relatively human-friendly conditions.

This miniguide explains the core of the issue and proposes solutions for long-term sustainability.


Eco-friendly construction materials

When building an eco-friendly house, one question that comes to mind immediately is: which kind of construction materials should I use?

There are many options and a lot of chatter online about this topic... but much of the information you can find when searching, is pushed by marketers and it is not really objective (nor true).

This miniguide explains which materials you can trust for building your eco-friendly home.


Green alternatives to "shipping container" homes

We see them pretty often on social media and in online magazines-

But is the hype worth your attention and money?

This miniguide points out why building with used containers is a bad idea and it proposed a more eco-friendly alternative.


What is an eco-friendly house?

Eco-friendly houses offer various benefits.

Unfortunately, most people are not aware of what they can gain by building an eco-friendly home, so the demand for this kind of building is still very low compared to average or mediocre ones.

This miniguide explains what's the essence of an eco-friendly home and how you can start planning yours.


How to maximize the space of your house

Not everyone gets the chance to live in a mansion. Therefore, having ideas on how to maximize your space and create storage areas is of the essence.

If you've been wondering how to maximize space in a small house, this miniguide will help you out.


6 secrets of eco-friendly houses

It is our responsibility to build our homes in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

This miniguide shows 6 ways you can make your home as environmentally friendly and ‘green’ as possible.


How are prefab homes built?

There is no doubt about it: a prefabricated house is better than a house built on-site.

To understand why, we need to have a look at the entire process of building a prefab house.

This miniguide is all about that.


Pros and cons of pre-cut homes

Pre-cut systems are the most basic prefabricated option available.

But are they really a viable option?

This miniguide explains what "pre-cut" really is and how it can benefit your project.


Indoor comfort in new homes

Temperature and humidity are the two factors that affect indoor comfort directly.

The way they behave depends on a few construction details of your house. These details are often overlooked by Architects and Engineers.

This miniguide points out the most important things you need to know to maximize the indoor comfort of your new home.


Prefab Wooden Homes: HOW-TO guide

Prefab wooden homes are NOT for those who look for cheap or temporary solutions.

Today, prefabrication is the most advanced way to build a house and many luxurious homes are built with this system.

This miniguide will tell you everything you need to know to start your journey into the world of prefab homes.


Modern Modular Homes: dream or reality?

Over the course of the years, the way modular homes are designed and manufactured has changed considerably.

The introduction of new materials, machines, technologies, made possible to build houses in a controlled environment in a fraction of the time and at a lower cost.

Despite its hi-quality and affordability, is "modular" the best way to go if you want to build your own dream home?

This miniguide contains the answer to the question.

Architect house models


Tube Skillion


Tube Gable


Tube Mixed


Tube Narrow

A-frame models


Avrame Solo


Avrame Duo


Avrame Trio