Not everyone gets the chance to live in a mansion. Therefore, having ideas on how to maximize your space and create storage areas is of the essence.
If you've been wondering how to maximize space in a small house, here are a few tips to help you out.

One piece of advice before we start: if the house is small, you cannot avoid crowding.
In that case, make sure you have plenty of fresh air and that you keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable level.

To help with that, you might want to check out a portable air conditioner.

With that out of the way, let's see how you can make the most of the space in your house.

1. Open up your entryway

The entryway is the first spot in your home that welcomes guests and sees your family in and out.
It should have an area to maneuver swiftly.

Maximize the space by putting a bench or a sitting area for removing shoes and putting your kids' backpacks when rushing off to school.
In case you lack the space for a seat, construct open shelves and have wall-mounted hooks.

More so, place a large mirror on the wall to reflect the rest of the home.

2. Deal with bare walls!

Utilizing your wall space is an excellent way to maximize the space in your home.
When you leave your walls unutilized, your house looks unattractive, dull, and boring.

If you aren't sure what to do with those monotonous walls, there are various things you can try out...

Fill them up with decors that blend with the colors in your rooms.
Also, put up decorative wall hangings to fill up the spaces in between.

You can as well increase the functionality of your room by incorporating some shelves.
If you have books you want to be displayed, put a bookshelf on the wall instead of purchasing a new one. 

Fit appliances to the walls, like a flat television or any other mountable items.

3. Make the most of your rooms

Small rooms don't have to be a nightmare. After all, living in a small house ensures that you keep what you need!
So, maximize storage by being creative...


There are numerous ways of creating space in a small bedroom.
Ensure that your closets are appropriately used and store unused clothes in under bed storages cabinets.
You can as well invest in closet organizers to separate your clothes, shoes, and more.

The most prominent furniture you will have in your bedroom is the bed.
Despite the preference for a king-size bed, maximize space by acquiring a smaller bed.
t won't be reasonable to have a big bed but lack space to move around as you pick your clothes.

If you are single, consider a platform bed, it provides a resting place and also has built-in drawers and shelves to accommodate books, clothes, and even toys.

For the wardrobe closet, use double rods and hang hooks at the door or use the back of the closet door to store your shoes.
Remember to do regular closet audits to get rid of clothes that you don't wear anymore.

For your kids' bedrooms, be inventive enough.
Create playing zones and quiet time for sleeping or studying. You can as well hang artwork and assignments on bulletin boards, art wires, or any other organization accessories to keep the desks from clutter.

Living room

Your living room gets the most traffic from your loved ones watching television or relaxing out on the sofa or even guests. 
Instead of acquiring pieces of furniture that serve only one purpose, get multi-functional ones. 
For instance, a sofa with storage compartments, a small table with drawers under it and ottomans that hold video game accessories are ideal for your living area.


Your kitchen is the most active spot in your home. You need space there!

Use the walls as much as possible.
Use vertical storage shelves in your pantry, drawer organizers, and storage containers.


The bathroom is generally a tiny area, but many things go into the room, making it appear crowded.
To open up space, find storage whenever possible.

You can easily do this by accessing who uses it and for what.
For shared bathrooms with kids, open baskets under the sink or behind the door can be ideal for housing small electrical beauty appliances if not in use.

Also, use a shoe organizer can for holding makeup, combs, jewelry, brushes, and other accessories.
Mounting hooks and bars on the back of the door for hanging some of your items is also a great idea

For the corners, take advantage of the spaces.
Purchase furniture or fittings specifically designed to fit in the edges; this will eat up space, making it appear smaller.

Use the spaces in the area towards the ceiling for stocking some furniture. This is a great way to store your items while saving on space.

For the colors, avoid dark colors and instead opt for light tones to lighten up space.
Too much d├ęcor will make your bathroom look cramped. So, use pieces that will accent and not inhibit the area but try as much as possible to keep your toiletries out of sight. 

Laundry area and staircase

Maximizing your laundry space can make all the difference in you having the laundry done or not.
An excellent way to do this is to assemble a laundry sorter closet for keeping your laundry clothes organized.

Also, create a collapsible stand for folding clothes; this eliminates the need for a table that would take much space.

Is the clutter becoming too much for you?
There's a possibility that you have way too many shoes. If that's the case, you need to consider ways of storing them.

Design a closet under your stairway where you can store everything from shoes, boots, and slippers.

Home office

The home office room is generally the smallest in the house.
For this reason, you must keep it organized and tidy.

Get rid of clutter.
Your working area will accumulate many files and folders. Once in a while, get rid of whatever isn't necessary and make cleaning a regular practice. to get rid of old files and books.

Downsize. Furniture will use up a lot of space.
If you have various bulky pieces of furniture, get rid of them and replace them with the right size furniture that will serve the same purpose.

Utilize wall space.
Move the contents of your home office upwards by placing floor to ceiling shelving. Such shelves work better than having your little bookshelves filling more space on the floor.
You can as well put a corkboard on your home office wall, and this enables you to be more organized in your work.

4. Leverage the outdoor space

Your outdoor should match the interior of your house.
Although space-saving for the outside isn't much of an issue, ensure that your landscaping isn't overgrown and unkempt.

By so doing, you create the illusion of an organized, welcoming house. Maintain your lawn, flowerbeds, and ensure that they are weed-free.

Also, your entrance should be welcoming and colorfully painted! 

More so, avoid dumping junk in your garage. Most people use the garage for storing things they'll never use again.
If you clear your garage from all the items you don't need anymore, you'll have more space to store the things you need and you cannot fit in the house.

Install overhead ceiling racks for organizing for extra space.
This will also help to keep things out of children's reach.

Take away

All of us desire to live in a clutter-free home.
Whether your house is big or small, there is always the urge for more space.

To maximize your area, be imaginative, and use the tips above.
By so doing, you'll make the most of your limited space in your house.

Feel free to reach out to us.