I believe that there is no reason why a prefabricated house
shouldn’t also be a prime example of modern architecture.

- Tiit Sild -

The advantage of manufactured house solutions is their high and stable quality, faster construction process and lower building site risks. The quality is guaranteed by a systematic manufacturing process subjected to effective inspection in dry conditions. Erecting the building from prefabricated elements or modules on the construction site is quick and effective; the harmful effects of the weather are reduced to a minimum. A manufactured wooden house has detailed project documentation which creates conditions for qualitative realization and helps to avoid later problems.

In the spirit of the statements above, the 2014 Competition was organized by katus.eu with the collaboration of Nurban and Kodumaja, and sponsored by:

  • Velux Eesti AS
  • Q-Haus OÜ
  • Woodland Homes OÜ
  • Fenestra AS
  • Tartu City Government
  • Architecture Centre
  • Solaris Centre
  • Estonian Cultural Endowment
  • Tallinn Enterprise Department

The purpose of the contest was to raise awareness among Architects about modern prefab technologies and to share with them technical information so that they would learn to design buildings optimized for factory production

The Competition began on August 21st, 2014.
The deadline for submitting the design proposals was January 26th, 2015 (at 23:59 GMT).

The Competition saw the participation of Architects from 21 Countries.
47 projects were submitted to the Competition and evaluated by the Jury. 

Members of the Jury were:

  • Indrek Allmann (Head of the Estonian Union of Architects)
  • Lembit Lump, Kodumaja AS
  • Indrek Rehme, Kodumaja Real Estate OÜ
  • Arne Moen, Nurban AS
  • Margus Pauts, Nordic Urban Houses AS
  • Madis Eek, Architect
  • Ülar Mark, Architect
  • Rene Vallner, Elumaja AS, Architect

Svertingstad Gård, Norway
The following projects were selected for Awards 

1st place

Prize 5000€


(ARS Projekt OÜ)
Rasmus Tamme
Reio Raudsepp
Rene Safin
Evelin Eelmaa
Joonas Saan
Kristjan Männigo
Kristina Oolu
Karolin Kõll

2nd place

Prize 3500€


(3+1 Architects)
Gert Guriev, Markus Kaasik
Riin Kersalu
Kerstin Kivila
Taavi Lõoke
Mihkel Meriste
Andres Ojari
Ilmar Valdur Mariano

3rd place

Prize 2000€


(Zukowski Architecture Studio)
Anna Zukowska
Maciej Žukowski 

Ülenurme, Estonia
The following projects were selected for Awards 

1st place

Prize 4000€

Private Circle

(Paleka Archstudija)
Rolandas Palekas
Dalia Zakaite
Mantas Skirmantas

2nd place


Prize 2500€

(Karisma Arhitektid)
Risto Parve
Kai Süda
Margit Valma

3rd place

Prize 1000€


Gianluca Pelizzi

Velux Award

for best use of skylight windows


Veljko Armano Linta
Ana Armano Linta
David Azinović
Ivana Ćavar

Special Mention


Raumspielkunst Architectural Design & Concepts
Fabrice Henninger
Florian Lachenmann
Freie Architekten

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