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Sponsored by Lasita Maja As, this Architectural Competition took place in the very beginning of 2016.
The main objective of the Competition was "a search for talents who would - in collaboration with industries using local materials - add value to their production".
This kind of product development allows manufacturers to achieve more and compete in both local and international markets.

The purpose of the contest was also to raise awareness among architects about modern prefab technologies, to help them find new contacts, collaboration partners and increase the export of prefab cabin manufacturers.

While sponsoring the Competition, Lasita Maja was looking for implementable architectural solutions for its own product line – a series of small prefabricated cabins for private users with one or several combined functions, such as a traditional garden-house for storing tools, sauna, guest-house, and more.

The deadline for submitting the design proposals was February 7th, 2017 (at 23:59 GMT).

The Competition saw the participation of Architects from 24 Countries.
49 projects were submitted to the Competition and evaluated by an international Jury. 

Members of the Jury were:

  • Mr Stefan Straif (Austria - Lasita Maja AS)
  • Mr Franck Mauxion (France - Lasita Maja AS) 
  • Architect Ms Sille Pihlak (Estonia)
  • Architect Mr Raul Kalvo(Estonia)
  • Architect Mr Karli Luik(Estonia)

The following projects were selected for Awards.


1st place


Aleksandra Wódka-Kaszubska

2nd place

Fivefold room

Riccardo Mariano

3rd place


Philipp Jacob and Eerika Alev

Honorable Mention


Ognyan Parvanov Krastev

Honorable Mention


Sven Aretz, Roman Kru╠łkel and Sophie Schulten

Special Mention


Miguel Huelga de la Fuente and Iria de la Peña Mendez, Sukunfuku Studio 

Special Mention


Miguel Huelga de la Fuente and Iria de la Peña Mendez, Sukunfuku Studio 

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