Most of the time spent at home involves activities at the living room, kitchen or the dining room. The design takes these rooms and places them on the second floor, ensuring expanded views to the surrounding area. The house also has a roof terrace. GAGE is an economical house for a small family, and is suitable for a small plot. The concept of the house and the small footprint makes it ideal for picturesque areas with high land prices. Space for the car is reserved next to the main door under the exterior stairway.  The wooden frame construction is covered with vertical wood siding. The exterior, including the stairways, are wrapped in a steel mesh (custom solutions are also possible).
Building's area:: 123 m²
No of stories: 2
Neto area: 91.3 m²
Area of terraces: 119.42 m²
Heated volume: 358 m³
Design: Sport LLC
Constructor: RPM Group LLC