The floating sauna functions as a mobile barge, which can be move on its own power or towed to the desired location. The exterior and iterior is finished with wooden siding, which is treated to be weather- and moistureproof. The pontoons are hidden in the hull of the sauna and extend beyond the main body to provide greater stability. 

The sauna includes a sauna, a shower, toilet and a ancillary room with a small kitchen counter. Besides this the form of the hull provides two outdoor platforms, a bigger sunbathing terrace and a terrace connected to the sauna.

The hull is of wooden construction, which rests of a steel frame and pontoons. The lenght is 16m, beam 5,6, freeboard 3,3m. The usable floor space is 46m².
The floating sauna can be equipped with a motor for self-locomotion. Thanks to the large area, the barge can be reconfigured into use as a floating bridge.

Design: Toomas Tammis, Paco Ulmas - Allianss Architects, 2010.