The Container House is a wooden ready-made module designed to resemble a 20-foot shipping container. Its structure is entirely built out of wood and fully assembled in the factory. 

The Container House is comparable in size to the well-known ÖÖD house. Although maintaining a more traditional exterior look, it sports a great looking sliding glass door (4.1m x 2.4m, 1/2 openable, 2-layer glass packet, laminated pine frame, color TM 1703).

It is equipped with:

  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • small technical room (electric boiler 80l).

The frame structure is made out of laminated timber, strength grade c24.
The insulation is mineral wool, 200mm in floor and ceiling and 150mm in the walls.

Air-tightness is guaranteed with vapor and wind barriers (Timbertex and Isocell).

The exterior is finished with HPL facade panels (weather-resistant, maintenance free high-pressure laminate), black color. container house 3 container house 4 container house 5 container house 6 container house 7

Exterior module dimensions: 3.1m x 6.4m
Terrace dimension: 2.0m x 6.4m
Module height: 3.25m

Price for the ready-made module (6.4m x 3.1m, without terrace):

33 000 EUR + VAT + shipping 


Build it yourself for less than 10 000 EUR

with our DIY Garden Room Instructions

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