Tube house was designed resident’s needs in mind. Big windows facing garden or naturally beautiful areas are creating a harmonious feeling of unity with nature. More modest, but delicately designed entrance front gives a building the privacy every family needs. Terrace in front of the house emphasizes lightful and vastness of the living room. Terrace expands the living area even more in the warm season.

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Drawing first Tube houses we did not expect such a warm welcome to the design. Having that feedback, we've improved the solution, even more, taking care of small details that really matter to the family.


Tube house consists of elements, made in a factory, protected from the rain, wind and sun. The walls, ceilings, and roofs are produced in a factory, flat packed and delivered to site just in time, in order to assemble the whole construction within 2-4 days. The base of the walls is made with a strong wooden frame, insulated with minimum 25cm stone wool.

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Even before producing the elements in the factory, the infrastructure, water, capitalization, and electricity must be installed into the plot. After preparing the site and pouring the foundation of the building, the erection works may begin. Usually, a simple low platform foundation will do, as a one-floor wooden house does not weight too much.

The erection of the main construction is followed by assembly of the windows and doors. After that the communications, water, heating, ventilation, electricity, and communication works will take place, followed by finishing works of the ceilings, walls, and floors.

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Photos: Martin Siplane