Pre-assembled timber frames are a viable solution for a faster build.
This system is widely used in UK and other Countries.

After pre-cutting parts, the factory also assembles them into frames, delivering at the site entire section of walls, roofs, ceilings.
NOTE: the frames are delivered with no insulation or boards installed.

Compared to pre-cut, buying ready-made frames is more expensive as it comes with these additional costs:

  • more work at factory, hence higher purchase price;
  • higher transport cost (move volume, you need more trucks);
  • higher handling cost on site (you need now a small crane).

On the bright side, several days or weeks are saved on site as the skeleton of the entire house can be built in a matter of days.

At this point, carpenters on-site are going to need a crane to move the frames and install them but they will save lots of time (days!) because they do not to have to assemble the frames manually. 

The quality of the build is still comparable with a traditional on-site stick-built.