This construction technology provides massive walls.
Elements can be built using CLT, therefore building with CLT offers pretty much the same benefit of building with prefab timber-framed elements. However, CLT itself is more expensive than timber-frames... so keep an eye on the cost.

In general, designing a CLT structure is faster (and cheaper) than designing the same structure for timber-frame technology.

However, the savings in design usually do not make up for the increase of cost in materials.

CLT offers better structural performance, therefore, it is to be preferred in case there are heavier loads or environmental construction (tall buildings, seismic activity, ...).

While in timber-framed walls the insulation is installed into the frames, in CLT wall it has to go on top of the CLT surface. This results in thicker walls.
Finally, for the same wall thickness, the timber-framed wall will always offer a better energy performance.