Avrame is a young Company specializing in a-frame houses.
Avrame houses look stunning and this little Estonia-based Company is making a lot of noise these days.

After creating an appealing and hyper-efficient architectural design, Avrame now launched a digital product to help its Customers to bootstrap the construction of their dream house.

The question everyone is asking is: is that Starter Package worth the price?
We got one and tested it for you... and it comes with a nice surprise at the end of this article...

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Featured on big online magazines such as Curbed, Uncrate, TheManual, the tiny Startup founded and managed by Indrek Kuldkepp is bringing a wave of innovation in an industry that is otherwise stagnant and commoditized.

The innovation that Avrame is bringing is not much in the product itself, rather in the way they do business.

Unlike traditional manufacturers, Avrame decided to put all its energy into engineering an affordable product. They focused their entire business model on helping customers realize the dream of building an a-frame home.

This approach is radically different from the most common one where a Manufacturer claims to be able to deliver any architectural solution at a price lower than its competitors.

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It must be clarified that Avrame does not deliver ready-made houses... actually their product is very far from finished.

Avrame houses come in a pre-cut kit that is intended for on-site building.

The pre-cut kit is well suited for self-building or for building with a small Team of local labor.

In an interview about pre-cut systems, Indrek Kuldkepp stated that the philosophy behind Avrame is that everyone should be able to afford his own house in a way to live a mortgage-free life.
He says that expensive houses cause a kind of modern slavery and part of Avrame's mission is to break the chains of this slavery and bring to people a more affordable option.

To be able to serve people on any location and to serve as many of them as possible, Avrame could not opt for a panelized or modular prefab solution.
Those technologies have in fact huge limitations when it comes to production capacity and logistics.

By choosing a pre-cut system, Avrame was able to cut drastically the transport cost and to have virtually unlimited capacity to deliver product to its Clients.

Now, proposing a pre-cut kit that requires considerable work on site, comes with a problem: who buys the house-kit needs to have some kind of knowledge of the building process. They do not have to be carpenters but they must understand enough of construction to be able to manage the construction process.

Here is where Avrame took (again) a different path from its Competitors.

Instead of merely marketing the house-kit and hoping people will buy it, Avrame invested in creating an ecosystem of products aimed to teach people how to build Avrame houses.

The Starter Package we see today is just the first of those products.

What is the purpose?

The primary goal of the Starter Package is to give people the possibility to start working on the house TODAY.

At the fraction of the cost of hiring an Architect, the Starter Package includes all the documents necessary to present the project to the Local Authorities in order to get a construction permit.

Being able to bypass some of the Architect's work might be a necessary step for someone who has to build on a budget.

The Starter Package gives Clients the possibility to take action on something that might otherwise be scheduled to "someday"... even if we all know that there is no calendar day named Someday.
Sadly, all the things you schedule on Someday never get done.

The Starter Package aims to redefine what is possible by giving the user ready-made documents that can be used for planning.

Holding those papers is the start of a journey that will end with a fully-finished beautiful home.

Does it work?

Whether it works it has to be proven... but one thing is sure: when one commits to putting his money on the line, he is much more likely to follow through with the implementation.

This is exactly what we want to provide to our Customers: accountability - explains Indrek.

Providing information is one thing, helping Customers along the way and supporting their decision-making process is another.

Avrame went so far as creating a Private Facebook Group for those people who buy the Starter Package and are serious about building their dream a-frame home.

On the group - says Indrek - people will be able to ask questions and share their experience with others facing similar challenges. Our Team will be answering questions and explain critical steps of the construction process on-demand.

It looks like Avrame has really built a vision behind this little Package.

What is in the Package?

The package can be bought online from the page of the popular e-commerce platform PayHip.
PayHip allows Companies and Creators to distribute easily their digital products.

PayHip processed payments using Credit Cards through PayPal.
Although recommended, you don't need to have a PayPal account to make your purchase.

Product pages on PayHip are very simple and they look like the one on the image below.

katus.eu avrame starter package review payhip

Pressing the "Buy Now" button redirects you to PayPal where you will complete the payment.
The overall purchasing experience is fast and super easy.
Anyone should be able to complete the payment without any kind of problem.

katus.eu avrame starter package review ZIPsImmediately after the payment, you can download the ZIP file containing the documentation you just purchased.

The DUO Starter Package contains 40 files, for a total of 26.5 MB.

The TRIO Starter Package contains 63 files, for a total of 53.6 MB.

The folder structure of the package is the same and it is made of a total of 10 folders.

katus.eu avrame starter package review folders

In the "budget" folder you can find an Excel template (xlsx format).
In case you do not have Microsoft Excel, you can open this file also with Google Sheets (free software).

The file contains several sheets and it is precompiled with prices concerning the Avrame kit.
The file contains also a lot of other positions with services and materials that you need to find, contract and price in order to build the house.

The file is a very useful guideline to get familiar with the various "components" required for construction.

Once the budget is fully filled you should have a pretty good overview of the entire construction process.


In the "images" folder you can find several images of Avrame houses. These are mostly "inspirational" and they do not have any specific purpose.

It is interesting to see the sample images from a real construction site. This should sparkle curiosity and questions.


In the "Plans_Technical" folder you can find the drawings of the house in PDF format and also one file in AutoCAD format (DWG) that contains all the layouts of the PDFs.

The drawings provided include plans, side views, sections, construction details.

Drawings are provided for all the house sizes of the chose Serie (DUO or TRIO).

How Much does it Cost?

At the moment of writing, the full retail price of the Avrame Starter Package is 499 EUR for the DUO Serie and 699 EUR for the TRIO Serie.

Again, this is just a fraction of the price one would pay to hire an Architect to put together this documentation.

SURPRISE: Avrame is currently running a Campaign and they are offering both products at a considerable discount (over 50% off).

You can check the Products here:

Avrame Starter Package DUO Serie

Avrame Starter Package TRIO Serie


The Avrame Starter Package is a nice little bundle that contains the basic documents to start working seriously on a house project.
The documents are well done and the information is sufficient to start with assessments and permits.
Buying the Package will put you in an exclusive Group of like-minded people that are working on building a home for their families.
Buying the Package will immediately cure procrastination and will much likely help you moving forward towards your dream of building an affordable home. Of course, the actual results depend on how committed you are to put in the work and to make it happen.

With the Starter Package, Avrame is:

  • giving people the possibility to start working on their dream immediately and with no excuses
  • keeping its promise to help people building affordable houses.
katus.eu prefab home checklist banner

 If you want more information on Avrame or you have any other kind of question, feel free to reach out to us.