We started katus .eu with the aim of promoting modern Architecture. 
Since the very beginning, katus.eu has been a place for Architects to share their works.
Today we are changing the concept to a broader vision and we set ourselves the goal of helping all those people who want to build a prefabricated wooden home.

During the 4 years of activity of Katus, we had the pleasure to work with several brilliant Architects and several Manufactures of prefab wooden houses.

We learned all the aspects and secrets of prefabrication and we realized that the process of building a prefab home is very complex.

This is the situation we found:

Home-buyers are often lost and they struggle finding the information they need. They either come with incomplete projects or with wrong expectations about materials, solutions, price.

 Architects are not familiar enough with the production technologies and they design buildings that are not optimized for factory production. As a result,  building costs are higher than they could.

 Manufacturers have to fix the shortcoming of home-buyers and Architects and they end up having to educate their Clients.

This results in a massive waste of time, delaying the implementation of projects and causing headaches for everyone involved.

 We cannot help thinking there is a better way to do this. There should be a place where home-buyers and Architects can turn to when they want to up their knowledge about prefab wooden houses. We decided to make that place a reality and so we are changing katus.eu to become the Voice of Prefab Wooden Homes Industry.

We will offer free information for anyone who wants to build a prefab wooden home. 
katus.eu will be the place where you can learn everything there is to know about Prefabricated Wooden Houses. 

We are here to educate and help home-buyers to build their homes with the best quality and at a fair price.

We are here to educate Architects to design modern houses that can be easily manufactured.

By creating informed buyers, we are here to help Manufacturers to shorten the sales cycle and simplifying the management of their projects.

We will be launching a new website soon and we hope to get your support in spreading this news.

Tiit Sild & Andrea Bronzini