And so yesterday, 23rd January 2018, announced to the World its new Vision.
The "Gallery Hall" at the Estonian Center of Architecture was fully packed with people who came to assist to the Launch in first person.

Tiit Sild, the Founder of, welcomed started the Event around 18:15 with a foreword.
He then left the stage to Andrea Bronzini, his new business Partner, who began to explain the new value proposition of

Andrea went on for about 30 minutes and he painted a clear picture of what is now aiming to achieve and how every Company working in the Prefab Wooden Homes Industry can benefit from it.

Meanwhile, hundreds of viewers attended the livestream on facebook.
You can see the recording of the event here: livestream

The event was a great success.

The ambitious plan of is to provide free information to educate home-buyers, so they can make informed decisions, better choices, resulting in saving time and money and speeding up the entire Industry.

The next step on the roadmap is to connect with Companies working in the Prefab Wooden Homes space and complete the setup of the environment for home-buyers at announced they will start immediately a cooperation with Manufacturers, Architects, Suppliers, Consultants and they scheduled a Webinar to discuss the details of this cooperation.

The Webinar is scheduled on Tuesday 30.01 at 12:00 (GMT+2) and all the Companies and Professionals are welcome to join.

If your Company is interested to join, you can reserve your seat here:


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