Katus.eu proudly presents the first 3D house configurator for the Tube house.
The Tube house configurator lets you pick and choose between different floor layout options and material finishes.
You can add a master bedroom, choose a larger kitchen or even add a second floor to the house.

The configurator lets home buyers customise the design to suit their needs and the budget. While all design decisions are displayed in the interactive 3D model, the cost of each decision is immediately reflected in the total price for the selected design. Once happy with the configuration customers can save the design for further communication with the manufacturer and the architect of the house.

katus.eu creatomus configurator tube plan

Tube house has several possible configurations. From 1-bed 130m² single family home to 3-bed 230m² house with a rentable apartment unit.

katus.eu creatomus configurator tube range

The Tube house configurator is built on the back of Creatomus (www.creatomus.com) novel web technology that is addressing a gap in the housing market - buying and selling custom homes online isn’t currently available. Or at least, it was not until now! Modern 3D web technologies enable something that was unthinkable mere 5 years ago - view and manipulate 3D geometry directly in your browser. In recent years there has been a rapid the rise in the development of WebGL applications by both large corporations such as Autodesk and by small start-ups like Modelo.

katus.eu creatomus configurator tube saku

Tube house in Saku, Estonia - Photo by Martin Siplane

The idea of developing house configurators was originally conceived during a hackathon in 2015 where the founders of the company spotted that, unlike car and other product configurators, house configurators are hard to come by. Creatomus decided to address this gap in the market and after a year of software development now delivers house configurators for home manufacturers, architects, housing developers.

katus.eu creatomus configurator animation


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