Build an extra room in your garden...
without spending a fortune.
We designed it to bewarmcozyquiet
Forget regular garden sheds
they are simply not up to the task.
Why not?
The walls and the roof of regular garden sheds are just a finger thick and with no insulation.

no soundproofing

The noise of the outside world will pierce just through the walls.

too cold in winter

You won't be able to use it in winter... and if you do, you 'll have to wear winter clothes.

too hot in summer

In summer it will turn into a sauna.

not weathertight

There is nothing to prevent wind and heavy rain to make their way into your space.
Guaranteed disappointment.
We have a better solution...
A micro-house with the same sound and energy performance of real prefab houses! a fraction of the cost.
Different sizes
9 - 18 - 27 - 36
square meters.
fully finished, from 4000 euro
Build it yourself
with our DIY instructions.
We designed a step-by-step system you can use to build your own garden room.
As simple as this...

1. Get the instructions

Choose the model you want to build and buy the instructions.

2. Get the materials

Finalize the pre-compiled budget and go shop for materials.

3. Build it

Set aside a couple of weekends, invite some friends to help you and build it up.

We made it affordable
so you can build it on a budget.
We designed the DIY Garden Room system so you can build exactly what you need.

We decided to make it a DIY system because ready-made modules are simply too expensive for most people.

A ready-made 6m x 3m module costs not less than 25000 EUR + shipping.
With the DIY Garden Room system, you can build it for less than 15000 EUR.
The DIY Garden Room system is twice cheaper
than ready-made solutions.
To start, all you need is the instructions.