Can you afford it?

I know, this is the question you keep asking yourself...
How much is this house gonna cost you?

We have the Answer.

Forget contacting a Manufacturer... they are too busy.
We can estimate the cost of your project quickly and give you the best tips
BEFORE you bring it on the desk of a Producer.

Expert Opinion

We have seen tens of thousands of projects and priced over a thousand of them.
We can tell you how much your house is gonna cost and how to optimize your project for prefab construction.

No Waiting Line

We will not waste your time saying we are too busy (Manufacturers do that).
Getting on a call with us is the quickest way to push your project forward.

Nothing Missing

Are you sure you are accounting for everything you really need?
We can quickly find out if you have figured out everything or if you are overlooking important aspects of the project.