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Use the house configurator to get a price estimate based on your own drawings.

While temperature and humidity are the two factors that affect indoor comfort directly, the way they behave depends on a few construction details of your house.

These details are often overlooked by Architects and Engineers.

So, how can you make sure you get them right?

Here is how you do it...

We get it, you want to make the best decision.
You want to spend the right amount of money and get the best quality you can for the price.
So you keep looking. You contact one more Manufacturer and ask for one more price offer... or maybe two.

Do you know that all that searching is actually harming you?

Let me tell you why... 

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Last week we had the pleasure to meet with Lauri Tuulberg, CEO of the Welement AS.

Welement is a brand new house factory in Tartu (Estonia), established in 2017 as part of Rand & Tuulberg Group,  of one of the most successful construction companies in the Country.

Welement house factory was built with efficiency and quality in mind and inside the factory you can find top-of-the-line German equipment.

After almost one year of operations, we asked Lauri a few questions to better understand how automation can improve the production process of prefabricated wooden houses.

Building a house is no joke. You put a lot at stake and you better be sure you partner up with someone you can trust.
The economic side of a project is one of the factors that weight the most on the feasibility of the entire endeavor. You need to make it affordable …so you seek for the best possible supplier, often ending up in foreign Countries.

But how can you tell if a Manufacturer is trustworthy or not?

At some point on your quest to building a custom made home, you are going to have to reach out to Manufacturers to get price offers for your building.
Unfortunately it is easier said than done...
Here are a few tips to maximize your chance to get the attention of Manufacturers and to receive a price in a reasonable time.

We started katus .eu with the aim of promoting modern Architecture. 
Since the very beginning, katus.eu has been a place for Architects to share their works.
Today we are changing the concept to a broader vision and we set ourselves the goal of helping all those people who want to build a prefabricated wooden home.

Prefab wooden homes are NOT for those who look for cheap or temporary solutions.
Today, prefabrication is the most advanced way to build a house and many luxurious homes are built with this system.

This Guide will tell you everything you need to know to start your journey into the world of prefab homes...

Who doesn't wish to live in one-of-a-kind house?
Every year, hundreds of thousands of new homes are built in Europe. Many of them are custom-made, unique works of fine architecture and engineering.
Despite the number of successes, building a prefab wooden house is not as easy as it could be. Many give up just because they cannot find the right information from the start.

Can automation help the Prefab Wooden Houses Industry to run faster and better?

For the longest time, we have been looking for a modular system flexible enough to allow building different architectural solutions while remaining simple and affordable. Teokarp does just that.
Can it be the one-fits-all answer we've been waiting for?

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