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This time, we went to Amsterdam and had an interview with Gerald Lindner, a design-minded engineer who partnered with an architect - Thomas Dill - in order to build one of the most surprising two apartment house we have ever seen: a greenhouse building...

Established in 2016, Welement Factory is brand new and it is unlike any factory you'd expect to see in a Baltic Country.
This strikes you as soon as you get to its entrance.

On the factory floor, Welement sports cutting-edge technology in a quasi-sterile environment... but on the outside, it looks like a beautiful modern home.

Perhaps you haven't given it much thought... but how many trucks are necessary to ship a full-sized prefab wooden house?
If you think it is just one, you are way wrong.

Make your bet on the number of trucks and keep reading... 

When you think of building a new house you want to make sure you get the best value for your bucks.
Yes, it has to look nice... but it also must be performing well so that it doesn't cost you a fortune in monthly bills.
This aspect depends on how energy-efficient the house will be.

To get to the bottom of this issue, we met a successful Architect and Passivhaus Designer and we asked him to tell us more about energy-efficient buildings.

Here is what he told us...

We get it, you want to make the best decision.
You want to spend the right amount of money and get the best quality you can for the price.
So you keep looking. You contact one more Manufacturer and ask for one more price offer... or maybe two.

Do you know that all that searching is actually harming you?

Let me tell you why... 

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Last week we had the pleasure to meet with Lauri Tuulberg, CEO of the Welement AS.

Welement is a brand new house factory in Tartu (Estonia), established in 2017 as part of Rand & Tuulberg Group,  of one of the most successful construction companies in the Country.

Welement house factory was built with efficiency and quality in mind and inside the factory you can find top-of-the-line German equipment.

After almost one year of operations, we asked Lauri a few questions to better understand how automation can improve the production process of prefabricated wooden houses.

Building a house is no joke. You put a lot at stake and you better be sure you partner up with someone you can trust.
The economic side of a project is one of the factors that weight the most on the feasibility of the entire endeavor. You need to make it affordable …so you seek for the best possible supplier, often ending up in foreign Countries.

But how can you tell if a Manufacturer is trustworthy or not?

At some point on your quest to building a custom made home, you are going to have to reach out to Manufacturers to get price offers for your building.
Unfortunately it is easier said than done...
Here are a few tips to maximize your chance to get the attention of Manufacturers and to receive a price in a reasonable time.