The TUULI is a single-family 2-storey detached house with three bedrooms. The building combines Scandinavian rationality with Dutch playfulness and creates a perfect setting for lively family life. Social activities are divided between both floors, while bedrooms are situated on the upper level. Large terraces are inviting for outdoor activities during the warmer seasons. The TUULI is suitable for small towns and suburban areas as well as for the countryside.

Price offer for prefab home Tuuli, with transportation to London (UK).
Building's area:: 174 m²
No of stories: 2
Neto area: 168.5 m²
Area of terraces: 49.8 m²
Heated volume: 782 m³
Design: Sport LLC
Price: 164 631€+VAT
Constructor: HMK Houses LLC
Additional info: Technical drawings finished, ask for price!