Concept: Typehouse TUBE integrates with the surrounding nature through its tubular living room. The height of the living room expands toward the garden, letting in more light and expaning the view. Most of the time spent at home involves the living room, kitchen or the dining room. Therefore these rooms deserve extra attention. The tubular shapes of the livingroom and bedrooms extends beyond the windows, and acts as a sunshade. The house is suitable for all areas with predominantly single storey building. The shape and size of the tubes can be adjusted, taking into account the movement of the sun on the site. The garage and heating equipment is placed in an ancillary building. The house is of wood frame construction and covered with vertical wooden siding, the overhangs are covered with light coloured plywood. The interior finish is according to clients needs and wishes. The walls and ceilings can be covered with plywood or different interior panels. The floors are covered with either wood planks or parquet.

Katus proudly presents the first 3D house configurator for the Tube house. The Tube house configurator lets you to pick and choose between different floor layout options and material finishes. You can add a master bedroom, choose a larger kitchen or even add a second floor to the house. If you are willing to rent out a part of your future home, you can add an apartment unit. Try it yourself on CONFIGURATOR

Building's area:: 158 m²
No of stories: 1
Neto area: 110.8 m²
Area of terraces: 34.7 m²
Heated volume: 586 m³
Design: Sport LLC
Photos: Martin Siplane
Constructor: Timbeco Woodhouse LLC