Muhu cabin

This two storey summer cottage contains all the little luxuries one would need.

The house is composed of two parts:

The living area (living room, dining room and main bedroom) is orientated to the south and has ample sunlight thanks to a large glazed wall - this ensures that the room is spacious. These are the places where little daily rituals are fulfilled. The rooms have separation walls - which provide privacy while not hampering movement throughout the building. On the other side of the glazed wall is a partly covered spacious terrace - a perfect shaded place to sit on a hot and sunny day, while in the winter the low sun can still heat the rooms efficiently.

The second part of the house - the utility rooms - are positioned on the northern side of the house. This area has everything a modern family could need - a fully equipped kitchen, wardrobe, toilets, sauna and an extra wardrobe for the owners of the house. These are further joined on the perimeter by technical and other ancillary rooms such as a closed shed space for the bicycles or lawn mower and an open storage room for heating wood and garden equipment.

The second floor of the house contains two bedrooms and a separate bathroom and toilet. The staircase opens into the central gallery space that is situated on top of the living room.

The house is of wooden construction with wooden sidings and has been optimized to comply with all standard house manufacturing regulations. The boiler room can be equipped by many different heating solutions and the living room has a stove-hearth.

Building's area:: 138,3 m²
No of stories: 2
Neto area: 173 m²
Design: Mudel arhitektid