The project LAEV is available in three different sizes: S, M and XL. S has one room, M has two rooms - a living room with a kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms and several storage rooms. XL adds another block with two extra bedrooms. The design is derived from 3 purposes: 1. to create a comfy and good layout 2. achieve an economical building module with minimal ecological impact and zero waste. 3. offer an alternative building with contemporary architecture to the type house market saturated with conservative designs The house is prefabricated and delivered to the site on a truck. The house can be re-located with minimal cost. The house is heated with a light furnace and air-air type heat pump. The first buildings built in 2010 and 2011 have demonstrated remarkably low heating costs.

NB! Price includes production of elements, transportation and erection works.
Offer does not include, foundations,  decoration, HVAC or any local taxes.
Building's area:: 95 m²
Neto area: 52.7 m²
Design: Kauss LLC
Photos: Sergei Zjuganov
Price: 82 200€+VAT
Constructor: Nordic Houses KT LLC