The life cycle of an estonian can typically be divided, by their moving habits, into four parts. Not to say that it is universal, but it does provide  a framework to evaluate peoples changing requirements for their homes.

This town home is meant for year-round inhabitation for a family with children. It is a generally accepted notion that raising children in a nice a private home is, after all, pleasant.

The L shaped typology is more common in southern climates, but with right orientation it is also suitable in our latitude. The courtyard acts as an extention of the living room. All the living and bedrooms open to the courtyard, ancillary and utility rooms are placed next to the windowless side of the house. The shape and nature of the house provides high levels of privacy even in semi dense housing areas.

The plan of the house is arranged around an enfilade system, where most rooms are connected and accessible through each other. Firstly, I (the architect) generally do not like corridors, because they impose hierarchy and are generally without any specific use. Secondly, this kind of layout is easly changeable, rooms functions can easily be swapped and changed.

The house is to be constructed of wooden elements, combined with a compact form, the house is very energy efficient. The interior finishes are to be designed according to the clients wishes.

Building's area:: 185.5 m²
No of stories: 1
Neto area: 124.3 m²
Area of terraces: 27.8 m²
Heated volume: 335.6 m³
Design: Kalle Komissarov
Constructor: Nordic Houses KT LLC