In nature, the perfect builders of module constructions are bees. We have followed their honeycomb example and used it in a new environment. Our idea is that a young family can start building their home in similar way, creating a Honeycomb House. This principle would already allow building a house with only one module. As time passes and possibilities and necessities grow, additional modules can be added, even on top of each other if needed. 

Due to the transport conditions set before us, the Honeycomb House module has been halved. The cut will be concealed with wooden shields. The readymade half-product will be placed in a container or in case of a larger order, the modules will be compounded to one another to a transport position which responds to the size of the container used for transporting. 

On site, the module(s) can easily be put together and the Honeycomb House is ready! The wooden shields will be used as a fence or wooden terrace. The walls, ceiling and floor of the Honeycomb House are made of sandwich panels covered with metal and placed on a metal carcass. A special connection detail is used to connect the halved module. The exterior and interior walls of the house can be finished with wooden bars, for instance. The building is energy efficient. All the material used in the process are with a high thermal resistance. The Honeycomb House can be located as a single house or it can be a part of a larger compilation with other houses, thus creating a bee-like honeycomb village.
Building's area:: 143 m²
No of stories: 1
Neto area: 114 m²
Area of terraces: 16 m²
Heated volume: 443 m³
Design: Muru and Pere LLC