Design offers contemporary living quality and takes account the specialties of location (topography, view directions, sun's path etc). Apartment buildings are compact 2-floor gallery-type buildings. Unheated gallery connects all floors and works like second facade towards north side.

Buildings are in wooden construction (elements or modules), with outer wall thickness 350mm or more.

Buildings have tilted roof (22 degr) with a extensive roof vegetation.

Floor height is 2,7, parking floor 2,5m.

Storages for every apartments are on ground level. We offer two possible layouts for ground floor- with or without covered parking. Every apartment would have its own parking place plus 4 places for visitors.

Technical rooms are in mansard floor on top of building.

The keywords for the facade is functionality and calm yet cozy modern look.

Facade material: horizontal wooden boards, painted in matt dark color (black). Gallery facade is in contrast more technical, with eighter metal ribbing or glass profiles.

All windows are with triple glass.

Landscape design will give extra quality's for the whole living environment and is necessary part of further design. We are very much open to collaboration with the client and see the design process as creative process.

Buildings should be equip with most sustainable technical solutions in order to reduce maintenance costs without loosing indoor air qualities. The walls are well insulated and the configuration of the buildings on the site ensures the most energy effectiveness: living rooms face south; build volume is compact; staircases are unheated and outside of perimeter; secondary rooms face north with smaller openings and living rooms have bigger windows toward south. Proper natural lightning with big windows ensures the insulation requirements even for the deep rooms.

Geometry of the buildings and well though site plan give also extra bonus in sustainable environment- houses are connected to their surroundings, its not just another suburban living, but a place to be active and live together with nature.

The building has 2 kind of apartments – 2- and 3-room types.

3-room apt has living room, master bedroom and childrens room. Kitchen is integrated to living room. Living rooms are positioned in the corners of the building to give better views and to separate them from quiet areas. Toilets and bathrooms are sharing the same wall and shafts. Entry and both rooms have built-in closets. This type has also a balcony to enjoy morning coffe or to take a sunbath.

2-room apt has living room and master bedroom. There is separate kitchen room. Bigger bathroom means there is extra space for washing machines etc. Living room is 5m wide and bedrooms are 3m wide.

Secondary rooms are grouped on the north side, facing gallery. Living room faces south, with great views and a lot of sunlight. The floor layout is compact and functional, avoiding corridors and other unnecessary spaces.

Building's area:: 501.4 m²
No of stories: 3
Apartments: 8 (4+4)
Neto area: 770 m²
Design: Sport LLC, Komissarov LLC
Constructor: Nordic Houses KT LLC