The design of the house focuses on clean functionality and creating a dialogue between the yard and the living rooms. The single story house is clad with dark stained diagonal wooden siding. The interiors are finished with light coloured parquet and natural stone. The compact house sits neatly in suburban locations. The house is characterized by its relaxed form and a quiet courtyard, which is formed by the L-shaped plan of the building.

One side of the house is dedicated for more private rooms - 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The centre of the house is formed by the kitchen and living room and a terrace and acts as a central resting area, which is also connected with the sauna. A car shed is planned next to the main entrance.

Building's area:: 205 m²
Neto area: 138 m²
Area of terraces: 21.5 m²
Heated volume: 491 m³
Design: Pin Architects LLC