FUNK 2 is created for families with children. The design ensures ample space and comfort for every member of the family. The house is made up of one tall volume and one short volume. The short volume is on storey high and contains the living room for the whole family and a small ancillary room which can be used as a hobby room or a home office. The first floor of the tall volume contains the sauna and its facilities and a spacious entrance hall. The second floor contains the bedrooms.


The layout of the rooms is designed for maximum functionality and comfort. When entering the house you can drop your grocery bags on the floor, put your clothes in the cloakroom and take a few steps to the kitchen. The kitchen windows are orientated towards the entrance area, giving a good overview of people coming in and out of the building. At the same time there is a view through the building to the yard. The interior terrace is connected with the living room via a big sliding window, seemingly connecting the interior with the exterior. If the plot is limited in size, or the client wishes for more privacy, the second floor also has a large terrace. This terrace is ideal for sunbathing or drying clothes.

The interior design should be light, with a slightly treated natural wooden board parquet. The facade is dominated by warm vertical wooden siding, which should be coloured either in a light or dark finish. 

NB! Take look what price offer contains (EX Works Estonia)!

Neto area: 159.7 m²
Design: Pin Architects LLC
Price: 73 300 Eur + VAT
Constructor: Q-Haus LLC