Fly is a small and economical house, fit for a summerhome or as a home for a small family. The living room is raised to the level of the working surfaces of the kitchen, thus the building is suitable for a sloped plot. This arrangement and an expanding roof height towards the yard also expand views from the living room. The living room has a spacious and open plan.  Garage: The house doesnt have a dedicated garage.  Exterior finish: The house is clad with vertical wooden siding, overhang portions are clad with light coloured plywood. The roof is covered with bitumen membrane or can be covered with vegetation (requires stronger support structure). The interior finish is according to clients wishes. The walls and ceilings can be covered with plywood or design board. The floors are covered with either wood planks or parquet.
Building's area:: 92 m²
Neto area: 72.8 m²
Area of terraces: 22.7 m²
Heated volume: 223.5 m³
Price of project : 2800 € (include VAT)
Design: Sport LLC