Concept: The house is inspired by the summerhouse culture of the 60s and 70s, sites drowning in greenery, scent of the pineforest and the sea. Location: Suitability should be decided by the local municipality Garage: Car shelter can be configured for up to two cars Exterior finish: The exterior finish is decided with the client and matched with the surrounding area. Interior finish: Rooms have high ceilings and plenty of light. The finish is decided according to clients needs and wishes. Heating and A/C: The system is designed according to clients expectations on the energy class of the house. The house is designed to comply with all current energy saving principles. 
Building's area:: 164.2 m²
No of stories: 1
Neto area: 79.5 m²
Area of terraces: 18.3 m²
Heated volume: 480 m³
Design: Asum Architects LLC
Additional info: bigger models/91.8m²/104.1m²