Ave is a single story house for a family of four and is constructed out of wooden elements. The house is compact, at a single glance even seemingly small, but contains everything needed for a truely comfortable home: open plan kitchen-dining room, three bedrooms, small sauna, ample storage spaces and a covered terrace. 

The facade of the building is composed of two differently angled and toned wooden siding. The interior design is according to the clients needs and wishes.
The house is designed to the highest energy efficiency standards. Heating is possible with most common systems. All technical systems will be designed according to the site of the house and the clients needs, preferably with the latest and most energy efficient technologies.
Building's area:: 168.4 m²
Neto area: 124.8 m²
Heated volume: 435.6 m³
Design: Emil Urbel Architects LLC
Photos: Maris Tomba