The space surrounding the houses is the feature that gives the living environment its uniqueness and character. The traditional farm house is carried over to the design, through the orientation of the buildings and proportion of the courtyard space. The interior spaces surround the courtyard, blurring the boundary between the inside and outside of the house. The space between the buildings binds all the parts into a single, clear whole. Outside spaces and indoor spaces flow together. The courtyard is the essential element of the environment.

The functional layout of the rooms around the courtyard provides it with density and dynamics. The dwelling, greenhouse, garage, boathouse, work spaces, cafe, basement, music room, apiary, sauna, atelier, summer house - these are just some of the possible functions, which can bring life to the courtyard, the functions may change and replace each other, but the structure and dynamics is kept intact. Our needs are changing ever more rapidly, but this design takes this change as its starting point. The complex is a kin to a city quarter, where functions reflect  the ebb and flow of the city.

The buildings are of wooden construction. The dwelling is constructed of prefabricated wooden panels, which are covered with wooden siding. The roofs are covered with dark-coloured shingles or other materials which reflect the setting of the house. The outer perimeter of the complex is clad with light toned wooden siding.

Neto area: 142.1 m²
Design: KTA Architects LLC