The concept of the house is based on adaption. The house and the floorplan can grow along with the family of the owner. A house which at first was just a weekend home will in time grow into a full fledged family home. The core of the house is composed by the living room, kitchen and sauna. Bedrooms or other rooms can be added to both sides of the core as the need for them arises.   

The house is designed to expand 5 times. The expansion is achieved through the use of modular building elements. The sidewall can be removed and reattatched to the new module. The house is inspired by the traditional estonian farmyard. The main building has an east-west orientation, the long side with large expanses of glass faces the south, thereby maximizing daylighting potential and opening views to the beautiful countryside.   
The house is designed to passive house standards with added active measures such as solar panels for energy and hot water production. Location: The building is designed for village or rural setting. Garage: The shelter for the car is located in the ancillary building.  
All the buildings use two main materials: wood and limestone. The roof is covered with wooden siding or shingles. Interior finish: The interior design should use natural materials - woodplank on the floor, plywood of plank on the walls and ceilings. Utility rooms should be tiled. Construction: The house is built out of wooden elements. Standard light wooden frame construction is also possible.

Ancillary house:
Building´s area 75 m²
Closed net area 67 m²

Building´s area 31 m²
Closed net area 20 m²
Building's area:: 185 m²
No of stories: 2
Neto area: 140.5 m²
Heated volume: 532 m³
Design: Trilog Studio LLC