Aadam is the optimal house – a compact yet spacious home with a serene Nordic character. The clear-cut modern design fits into the contemporary urban or suburban setting and stands out for its distinct look that combines rationality, concision and that little lovable quirk that makes it not only practical but also charming. The layout allows most space for the social functions (living room and kitchen, terraces) and clutter-free living (ample storage space) and also provides everyone with a cosy private space.

NB! Take a look of what price offer of bigger ADAM contains!

NB! Take a look of what price offer for smaller ADAM contains!

Building's area:: 79 m²
No of stories: 2
Rooms: 4
Neto area: 118 m²
Area of terraces: 13 m² + 37 m²
Design: B210 Architects LLC
Price: 63 395€+VAT