6 x 6

The house is based on 9 6x6m units. Each unit is filled according to functional connections. Sectionally the house is clearly differentiated into two layers - common rooms on the first floor and private rooms on the second floor. The placement of the units and their partinion walls ensure privacy, but also allow selected panoramic views of the surroundings. A central private courtyard at the heart of the building connects the rooms with the outdoors.

The building is suitable for dense urban areas (privact is ensured by windowless street facing facades) and for natural areas. The floorplan can be easily re-arranged according to the orientation of the site. Garage: The module closest to the street contains spaces for 2 cars. Exterior finishing: The 1. floor exterior is clad with siding treated with ferrous sulfate (alternatively fiber board or brick). The second floor and roof is clad with a dark coloured zinc cladding. The dining hall unit has floor-to-ceiling glass facade facing the interior garden. Interior finishing: The 1. floor finishing should be treated the same way as the exterior facade. The second floor is according to the clients wishes. The 2. floor may be extended by filling the double height living room area.
Building's area:: 153 m²
No of stories: 2
Neto area: 220 m²
Area of terraces: 108 m²
Heated volume: 890 m³
Design: KARISMA architects LLC