The life cycle of an estonian can typically be divided, by their moving habits, into four parts. Not to say that it is universal, but it does provide  a framework to evaluate peoples changing requirements for their homes.

The 50+ small house is meant for people, whose children have moved out and andare now anticipating an idyllic time of peace and quiet. With the mobility provided by modern infrastructure, this house is suitable for many picturesque places, offering an ideal dwelling to people who appreciate a compact lifestyle. The indoor rooms and complimented by a large sun facing terrace. A large house is usually a boon for a more outgoing  and active person. Resources are better spent on travelling of culture. On a cold winter evening the inhabitants of the house can hop in their car and drive to the nearest centre for a jazz concert. And if the weather forecast promises an unexpectedly hot and dry day, people don't travel to the city for work anyway - tablets are connected to the high speed net and the fridge has enough food for a week.

The house has an open plan, with a core of utility rooms. To lessen heat loss, only the souther side of the house is glazed.

50+ is a small dwelling and constructed out of wooden elements, combined with a compact form, the house is very energy efficient. The facade is finished with wooden siting, which is coloured according to whichever neighbourhood the house is in. The roof is covered with bitumen membrane. The interior finishes are to be designed according to the clients wishes.

Building's area:: 60 m²
No of stories: 1
Neto area: 47.2 m²
Area of terraces: 21.5 m²
Heated volume: 154.7 m³
Design: Kalle Komissarov
Constructor: Nordic Houses KT LLC