1 x 1

The house is based on a 1x1m units. The units are filled with either social or private functions. The street-facing wall is windowless and contains utility rooms. The private rooms are separated from each other and from the street-facing facade, thereby creating a spacious and continuous between-space.

The building is suitable for dense urban settings aswell as natural areas, such as pineforest, or near a body of water.   The street-facing windowless facade is accentuated by a transparent entrance canopy, which also contains a parking space Exterior finish: The exterior is clad with siding treated with ferrous sulfate (alternatively dark coloured aluzinc). Private rooms are covered with large grained plywood. The in-between space is clad with floor-to-ceiling glass.    

The interior ceiling and floor is clad with slotted wood siding. The private rooms and clad with large grained plywood.  The building is of wood frame construction, where larger spans are achieved with steel. 

The price includes manufacturing of the wooden elements, transportation and mounting in place. 
Price does not include building foundation, ventilation, heating system, electrical works, mounting water and savage pipes or internal finishing works (painting, ceramic tiles, parquet).

NB! Price includes production of elements, transportation and erection works.
Offer does not include, foundations,  decoration, HVAC or any local taxes.
Building's area:: 183 m²
No of stories: 1
Neto area: 156 m²
Area of terraces: 95 m²
Heated volume: 650 m³
Design: KARISMA architects LLC
Photos: Reio Avaste
Price: 177 900€+VAT
Constructor: Nordic Houses KT LLC