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Question: Have students or architects with bachelor´s degree a possibility to take part in the competition?
Answer: Yes, students and architectw with bachelor´s degree can participate as a members of a team. At least one of the team members must have approved qualifications equivalent to a Master's in architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering, product design. Please see competition brief 5.4 Right to participate.

Question: The permitted maximum width of the wall details of the sectional style cabins is 1,1 m. Is the other dimension (height) also limited? Where does the given 1,1m come from - is it connected with packaging and transportation?
Answer: The maximum width of the details - 1,1 m - is derived from the dimensions of the pallet used for packaging. The height of the details is directly not specified, but as the maximum length of the logs is 6,0 m, then the maximum height could be 5,9 m. However, it is important that the construction is stable.

Question: Could you kindly clarify some information regarding the Sectional Style cabin construction? Do we assume a structural wall of 70mm plus cladding or are you anticipating the full depth of the wall (inc. cladding) to be 70?
Also for the summer houses do you include additional insulation or is this not a requirement at this stage?
The 70mm width of the wall derives from the standard dimensions of the wooden beams/logs and is recommended regarding the Traditional Style cabins.
The width of the walls of the Sectional Style cabins vary and first of all depend on the size of the cabin.
In general the summer houses do not have additional insulation.

Question: Regarding Price Offer information could you please clarify the output for each part in the Appendix? We assume the Preliminary Design is not this competition process but the initial design proceeding this? And regarding the Developed Design stage is there a degree in which the structural elements are dealt with by your team as it become a collaborative process or shall we assume full design control for now?
Answer: Preliminary Design is the first phase of the further design process following the current contest.
The Developed Design stage is a collaborative process where also the engineers and technical specialists from Lasita Maja will join in.

Question: We are working on a submission for the cabin competition and look forward to developing a scheme for submission. We have begun putting the pages together – is there any scope to reduce the scale of some elevation drawings that do not fit in the most legible way, or we will be penalised for not using the 1:50 / 1:20 scale outlined in the brief? This will just be the elevations and so we can keep the plans and sections at the larger scale.
Answer:  We do not eliminate any of the submitted design proposals which use different scales than recommended in the contest design brief.