Ülenurme area Submissions

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Private circle

Authors: Paleka Archstudija, Rolandas Palekas, Dalia Zakaite, Mantas Skirmantas
Keyword: Private circle
Status: 1st prize


The three plots in Ülenurme raise quite a challenge. Two of the plots indicate that entrances can be placed to the north and therefore living room can be placed in the south facing the greenery of the plot. But the third plot has the entrance on the south side which would leave the living room facing the north side. Driven by the need to be as flexible as po...
Authors: Karisma Arhitektid, Risto Parve, Kai Süda, Margit Valma
Keyword: See
Status: 2nd prize



4 Box House is a single prefabricated timber house conceived as a unit of a row house development.  The house is made with 4 modular volumetric elements constructed off side with timber cross laminated boards. Two boxes, one on each floor, accommodate the ‘serving spaces’ (entrance, circulation, bathroom, laundry, technical room, wc), ...
Authors: Gianluca Pelizzi, Pelizziarchitettura
Keyword: Trfghm
Status: 3rd prize


Architectural and spatial solution The solution in 4 steps and 4x4 benefits:

Put all cars in a garage volume in the western part of the buildable area. (6 modules) BENEFITS:

  • Minimum paved area and maximum green area

  • Cars are protected

  • The garage can also be a shed/wo...

Authors: Veljko Armano Linta, Ana Armano Linta, David Azinoviź, Ivana Ćavar
Keyword: Bok-bok
Status: Velux special prize


 _How is a row house for a rural postmodern context?  

_What makes it recognizable

The program provided was asking for a quite standard family house, but gave the opportunity to build an outer, separated shelter. 

Why not joining them?
The traditional house for an agricultor included the space for tools, animals, f...
Authors: Raumspielkunst Architectural Design & Concepts, Fabrice Henninger, Florian Lachenmann, Freie Architekten
Keyword: Postbarn
Status: Special mention


The proposed terrace house named CombiHOME is based on timber structure modules spanning 4m, 2.3m and 3.2m in width, which correspond respectively to household functions of day, service and night. In hope of corresponding to the modern ever‐changing lifestyle, each module is designed to be capable of varying in length, according to needs and budgets of residents, and applying ...

Authors: Cormier Huang Architecture, Cormier Miguel, Huang Yung-yu
Keyword: Combihome

Diagonal alley

Concept of the row house is to have versatile and innovative home, that is unique and takes into account different needs.

Volumetric concept is to offer energy efficient solution, the technical part is located to the north and does not need windows and living rooms are located to the south.
Volumetric blocks are very versatile and it`s easy to rotate them in every plot to h...

Authors: Nu Arhitektuur OÜ, Diana Taalfeld
Keyword: Diagonal alley


“KODUS” is developing new systems, “KODUS” is building new communities!


Our proposal is concerned about the issue of site density.

Does research on modular prefabricated systems allows to go beyond the traditional framework of the family house? Our project proposes densification of the site in the short term to preserve the open s...

Authors: FUSO - Atelier d´architectures; Jerome Balas, Daniel Garcia Lopez (Architect-Partner), Camille Saucereau & Raluca Desa (Collaborators)
Keyword: Dns104


Location on the plot

The construction areas according to the master plan are rather narrow. Volume of the house is perprndicular to Kaasiku street, enabling wider apartment moduls. This allows better light conditions and open planning for all apartments. Apartments are north south directional – entrances are on the northern side of the building and terraces open up to the south....

Authors: Kristel Niisuke, Kristiina Remmelkoor, Eva Kedelauk
Keyword: Duett


Authors: Indrek Saarepera, Reet Maidre, Liis Mägi
Keyword: Grosswise


Basic building and finishing materials

Modul house, prefabricated standard house, based on timber frame structure and laminated timber, is designed with the principles of deconstruction in mind: only a subtle foundation of two parallel longitudinal reinforced concrete beams are fixed into the ground, while most of the remaining components are module parts assembled on-site.

Authors: S.C.Zeen Design Studio S.R.L, Mihai Suarasan
Keyword: Hum108zds


Hexagon House is a three-unit prefabricated modular house designed for Estonia's timber house manufacturing industry. Hexagon House offers a dynamic, architecturally innovative and efficient solution for the Ulenurme Row House.

The concept originated from the efficiency of a compact form, where the Y-structure shared by the three units offers thermal efficiency and sy...

Authors: OO Concept Architecture PLLC, Okan Oncel
Keyword: Hexa3



The objective of the solution is to have an adaptable and configurable design based on its end users needs and local context. Therefore, internal layout, exterior design and materials can be configured as needed. Also external elements -porch, shed, car shelter, garage, balcony, sun shades- can be added.

The core...

Authors: Trilog Studio OÜ, Olavi Kukk, Kristjan Tõlk
Keyword: Kameeleon



The proposal plans to solve the functional requirements of single-family home that combines the economic benefits of mass-production with a low-emission and low-energy-consumption buiding.

The arhitectural concept of the building is to make a house that has a rich and constant dialogue with the surrounding.

The formal reference will c...

Authors: Kadi Paluoja, Tanel Teder
Keyword: Ku-ku

Lobster Hoagie

Authors: Zan Bross
Keyword: LobsterHoagie


Nowadays, green building is a must. It's a challenge to design (to create a solution for) row buildings which are environmentally responsible and resourceefficient, throughout their whole life cycle. 
The sile of the future row houses is  located in Ülenurme parish m Estonia, at the distance of about 7.5 km from Tartu centre on the Kaasiku Road. The pl...

Authors: Ognyan Parvanov Krastev
Keyword: M24bo11


Inspired by local barns, this home blends classic features with contemporary architecture where every element has been carefully designed with functionality and long term sustainability in mind.

On the ground !oor is the kitchen / dining / living area, master bedroom, bathroom, sauna and laundry. Two children's bedrooms and bathroom are located upstairs. House of this con"gur...
Authors: Martin Dudasko
Keyword: Oksadud


Hereby is given a solution for terraced houses in Ülenurme. Each terraced house consists of three apartments. The solution is based on manufactured modular houses and each apartment is made of four space elements. In addition there are balcony, terrace and shed.
The buildings are in east-west orientation, with entrances from the north and balconiesterraces in the south. The access rou...
Authors: Katrin Kõlu
Keyword: Pihlakas

Rdčela Pesa

The concept
If we look at house design for the past few years, a very common trend is being followed .Clean lines, big windows, cube over a cube, cube under a cube, cubes overlapping other cubes - everywhere. Do not get us wrong, we love cubes, we are architect after all, but we did not want to design "another clean lined, big windowed, flat roofed cube house" ,to which people, first of a...
Authors: Hadžiź Ermin, Haljeta Dina
Keyword: Rdčela Pesa


The proposal is a healthy prefabricated two storey row house series in Ülenurme. The purpose of the project is to gain different house designs using the same modules. Total program is fitted into 5 prefabricated modules in two storeys -LIVING module, KITCHEN module and STUDY/BEDROOM module in the first floor and MAIN BEDROOM module, SECONDARY BEDROOM module in the second floor.

Authors: Mari Renno, Jorge Herrera
Keyword: Ruubik


The aim of the project is to create buildings with various construction plans, design and exteriors using as few different modules as possible. 

The cross section of each module is the same. The first floor module is a rectangle, the second floor is a trapezoid. End walls are 1,80 and 3,36 m on the narrower module and 2,40 and 3,96 m on the wider one. The ...
Authors: Juhan Kutti
Keyword: Slice


Authors: Denyak Anastasia
Keyword: Sunset


 Site Concept   Every House towards the Sun   
The intention with this site layout is to create a distinctive line of row-houses along Kaasiku tn. which mark the entrance to the new development . However this orientation is not ideal for Solar Access so the form of the houses is adapted to bring as much sunlight into all parts of the house as possible.&nb...
Authors: Roewu Architecture, Stephen Roe, Chiafang Wu
Keyword: Sunnyside

The Green Stripes

 Architectural and spatial concept 

 Historical farm-derived concepts of land cultivation and measurement 

* the ROD is a historical unit originating from the typical medieval length ox-goad 
 * the FURLONG (meaning furrow length) was the distance a team of oxen could plough without resting 
 * an ACRE was th...
Authors: Realarhitektid OÜ, Ralf Tamm
Keyword: The Green Stripes


 The three sites defined for the Ulenurme development are highlighted above, labelled POS 10,11 & 12. POS 10 has been used as a sample site to illustrate the proposed development, however the row has been designed so that it may be articulated on any of the three plots. The initial constraints identified for development include the 20% maximum construction area per plot allowed by ...
Authors: HUT Architecture Ltd
Keyword: Treehouse


 SITE PLAN    The proposed row houses follow detail planning assigned to construction sites, which allow building on area with proportions of the east-west directions. Shorter sides of the row houses are planned towards Kaasiku street. Entrances to the plot follow also the provisions, parking is partly redesigned according to the proposed row house volumes. Parking is predominant...
Authors: Metusala Arhitektid OÜ, Egon Metusala, Liis Uustal
Keyword: Turistid



The concept in the project is to maximize visibility in prefabricated row housing.

The Issue

Prefabricated housing in the modern world of architecture has revealed its efficiency and economical advantages over traditional house in certain situations. Whilst prefabricated houses are manufactured in factory and delivered onto...

Authors: The VAK Studio; Kevin Li, Cheng Tan
Keyword: Vak2015

Ülenurme homer

 SITUATION    The houses are situated on the northern side of the plot. Entrances to the houses are from the northern side and the gardens, terraces and living areas face south. That is necessary for the best use of the garden area as well as for the harvesting of passive solar energy. The plot is divided into two, with private yards situating south of the building and a common ...
Authors: Hans-Peter Isand
Keyword: Ülenurme Homer

Matemaatiline koer

Authors: Teigar Sova arhitektid OÜ, Vahur Sova
Keyword: Matemaatiline koer


Authors: Arben Hondro
Keyword: Teegis-nibe