Submissions for Svertingstad Gård

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Introduction, idea

The main concept of the houses in the planned area is to play with the proportions of the buildings, while at the same time exposing their wooden facades.

Facade composition is based on two harmoniously contrasted materials, darker and lighter wood and joining accent detail. Siding is choosen to be 140mm and 35mm wide. Accent is 10 mm thick galvanized metal ske...

Authors: ARS Projekt OÜ, Rasmus Tamme, Reio Raudsepp, Rene Safin, Evelin Eelmaa, Joonas Saan, Kristjan Männigo, Kristina Oolu, Karolin Kõll
Keyword: Nihe
Status: 1st prize, best row house


 The space between the townhouses is treated as a continuing landscape that will not be fenced. The space widens for two common areas: a public square for community activities and a playground for children. The parking places for bicycles are gathered to the areas’ entrances forming 3 small pavilions that act as an imaginary border for more private area between the rowhouses.  ...

Authors: 3+1 Architects, Gert Guriev, Markus Kaasik, Riin Kersalu, Kerstin Kivila, Taavi Lõoke, Mihkel Meriste, Andres Ojari, Ilmar Valdur
Keyword: Woody
Status: 2nd prize, best apartment house


The idea of the project was to design attractive form for modular houses and creating expressive forms associated with the environment, taking into account the scale of the assumptions and interaction with the landscape of the town.

Irregular urban planning assumptions and various buildings overall dimensions constitute a mirage consisting of light and shadow thrown ove...
Authors: Zukowski - Anna Zukowska Architecture Studio, Maciej Žukowski
Keyword: Rhc1pa
Status: 3rd prize



The challenge of the assignment was to create conceptual design in already defined conditions. This design comes with a very strict set of rules regarding the areas, orientation, use of materials, angles of roofs, prices and energy efficiency. ¬¬Considering all those terms we have had to design architecture that would still be recognazible and visualizated as conceptual exp...

Authors: Dušica Placinćić, Jelena Petrović
Keyword: Aridor


Environment - Friendly Approach

Our intention is to create an ecological neighbourhood, preserving the balance between environment and human housing and upholding the spirit of modern, sustainable architecture. Materials we use are all natural, commonly available and cheap. Technology chosen for modular wall construction bases on filling the wooden frames with compressed straw. T...

Authors: Przemyslaw Stobiecki, Justyna Skrzypczak, Dominika Gomólka, Szymon Poplawski, Lukasz Chabiniec
Keyword: Eicel07


As the position and the volumes of the houses in Svertingstad is strictly defined, not much room was left for experimenting. Therefore, our proposal looks for the solutions and attractiveness through function and materialization. The form is reduced and non-convex plans are made only at larger houses, but only with aim to create protective entrance zone.

Every house is introduced...

Authors: Stefan Radovanovic, Nikola Macut, Aleksandar Stankovic
Keyword: Captainnemo


Architectural solutions. An architectural design was created in accordance with competition terms. 
Structural members of the building, construction volumes and plans were designed In conformity with competition's terms and conform with used designing system. 
From floor to ceiling height used in design is 2.50 m, this value fits the best for d...
Authors: Sia Scellanet; Olita Upaciere, Viktors Dovgalecs
Keyword: Chocolate&strawberry



The location of the real estate development area is Bryne, Time municipality in Norway, 36km from Stavanger – the “oil capital” of Norway. The goal is to develop six different rowhouse types and apartment house. The challenge for the architects is to create architectural solutions that manage to balance between the three goals:

–  To create attractive architectural...

Authors: Öö-öö Arhitektid, Lembit-Kaur Stöör, Ülo-Tarmo Stöör, Madli Kaljuste
Keyword: Halle


The proposal gives response to the architectural contest assignment, to its central themes, its energetic efficiency, simplicity and systematic logic concerning its construction, making them the guides for the project development, form and construction wise. The proposal finds in the assignment premises its theme, as it is the only possible way to give an efficient and true answer, not wasti...

Authors: Seródio Furtado&Associados, Arcuitectos Lda; João Pedro Seródio, Isabel Furtado
Keyword: Jpif

Less is more

Authors: Tempt OÜ, Taavi Kuningas, Armin Valter, Mihkel Urmet, David Sipos
Keyword: Less is more


Authors: SC. Radomir Design S.R.L, arh Alin Radomir
Keyword: Op1ar01



 The biggest advantage of our project proposal for manufactured standard prefabricated houses in SVERTINGSTAD GÅRD DEVELOPMENT AREA is the successful combination of flexibility and versatility of the solution. We consider that the proposed site plan and functional structure of the residential units and groups achieves maximum comfort of living, high technical and ene...
Authors: D-Ark Studio Architects, Kiril Nikolov Sabchev, Daniela Marinova Tzonkova-Sabcheva, Radina Kirilova Sabcheva
Keyword: Radamar


 URBANISTIC CONCEPT. The masterplan guidelines set the houses position and orientation on the site. The design opportunities lie in the definition of a strategy to organize and foresee the extensions, balconies, type of roofs, architectural look and internal functional distributions. But all these design elements are triggered and influenced by the position and orientation of the volum...
Authors: Pelizziarchitettura; Gianluca Pelizzi, Fabio Vicini
Keyword: Rsmght

Ruubiku kuubik

The initial structure is a framework that can be filled in with walls or windows of any sizes chosen.I follows the maximum allowed measurements for prefabrication, but can be scaled to cater various needs. Basic roof modules can easily be built of trusses.   Scaling the basic module it can be used as a small garden house, row house unit or apartment building module. 
Authors: Ivo Sven Riet, Priit Lõhmus
Keyword: Ruubiku kuubik


Lightweight and built to last 
The design uses a mix of timber and metal panel to provide a long lasting and efficient building. Area of the exterior envelope with greatest weather exposure are clad in metal to minimize the need for maintenance. These panels are backed with insulation. Being metal, their light weight allows for large panel sizes, reducing the number of surface joint...
Authors: Studio SM2, Sanjeev Malhotra
Keyword: Srgmzk1501


The project for row houses and apartment houses is based on 3 strategic points:

• easy to build

• easy to assembly

• easy to use

Easy to build

All the house elements that necessitates very good labor skills must be made in the factory. The house elements consisting in structural walls, floors, structure of roof imply la...

Authors: Casanova S.R.L;Cosmin Mihai Ioan Shirvasie
Keyword: Pescarus15


Lightweight and built to last

The design uses a mix of timber and metal panel to provide a long lasting and efficient building. Area of the exterior envelope with greatest weather exposure are clad in metal to minimize the need for maintenance. These panels are backed with insulation. Being metal, their light weight allows for large panel sizes, reducing the number of surface jo...

Keyword: Rsgm2k1501



The competition brief and aspirations for a high quality residential development that prioritizes public space between buildings for all to enjoy is an important contemporary concern. This is particularly interesting when considered in light of the benefits that prefabricated timber construction can bring in both quality and speed of construction. The risk with any ‘syste...

Authors: Bardakhanova Champkins Architects, Nicholas Champkins, Irina Bardakhanova, Sonya Chebotareva
Keyword: Vesta