Winners announced for prefabricated house competition!

Last autumn, Estonian web-based architecture marketplace start-up, in cooperation with prefabricated house builders Nurban and Kodumaja, announced the competition for the design of modern prefabricated houses for sites in Stavanger, Norway and Ülenurme near Tartu, Estonia. The jury of the competition selected three winning designs for both the Norwegian and Estonian sites.

Winning entries for the Svertingstad Gård area near Stavanger, Norway:

  • 1st Prize: Nihe (best terraced house), 5,000€
  • ARS Projekt OÜ, Rasmus Tamme, Reio Raudsepp, Rene Safin, Evelin Eelmaa, Joonas Saan, Kristjan Männigo, Kristina Oolu, Karolin Kõll, Estonia

  • 2nd Prize: Woody (best apartment building) - 3,500€
  • 3+1 Architects, Gert Guriev, Markus Kaasik, Riin Kersalu, Kerstin Kivila, Taavi Lõoke, Mihkel Meriste, Andres Ojari, Ilmar Valdur, Estonia 

  • 3rd Prize: Rhc1pa - 2,000€
  • Zukowski - Anna Zukowska Architecture Studio, Maciej Žukowski, Poland 

Winning entries for the Ülenurme area in Estonia:

Paleka Archstudija, Rolandas Palekas, Dalia Zakaite, Mantas Skirmantas, Lithuania

  • 2nd Prize: See - 2,500€
  • Risto Parve, Kai Süda, Margit Valma, Karisma Arhitektid, Estonia

  • 3rd Prize: Trfghm - 1,500€
Gianluca Pelizzi Pelizziarchitettura, Italy

Velux Award for the best use of skylight in a house: Bok-Bok - 700€

Veljko Armano Linta, Ana Armano Linta, David Azinović, Ivana Ćavar, Croatia

Special mention of the jury: POSTBARN - Raumspielkunst Architectural Design & Concepts, Fabrice Henninger, Florian Lachenmann, Freie Architekten

You can download the jury protocol as pdf here or digitally signed version (bdoc format) here.

The authors of the winning entries were revealed on March 23rd 16:00 at the opening ceremony of the exhibition at Solaris Centre

We are glad to present you all the submitted works. Take a look at the proposed solutions:

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