Sauna ROLAND includes, besides the sauna, a few guest rooms. The house is also suitable as a summer home. The design of the house incorporates terraces, retaining walls and an outdoor kitchen with a fireplace. The house has a simple and rational rectangular shape. The second floor is cantilevered over the terrace, providing shade. The first floor contains the wardrobe, kitchen, toilet, shower, sauna and storage spaces. The second floor contains a guest room and an ancillary tv room and a balcony. The house has a 200x200mm beam construction with a flat roof. The facade can composed of simple wooden siding or even concrete. The house is characterised by large display windows and the second floor balcony.
Building's area:: 60 m²
No of stories: 2
Neto area: 61.6 m²
Area of terraces: 30-50 m²
Heated volume: 84 m³
Design: OAAS Architects LLC