A stack of wooden boards, with openings that form a decorative pattern - this is the motive that inspired the design of this shelter, outdoor kitchen. The ornamental pattern creates a lightness and transparency that gives the structure a clear and notable exterior that surely enhances every garden. The design is specifically modern, while slightly flirting with historical references.   The volume of the building, the detail size and the materiality of wood creates a clear boundary between the insides of the shelter and the surroundings. But this boundary is illusionary, only imaginative - the transparency of the walls ensure contact with the surroundings.

The user is immersed in nature with all his senses - sounds, daylight, smells, temperature. By filtering the light and directing views, the screen of the wall plays with the way we see our surroundings. The character of the screen changes together with the weather, the time of day, the light and user.

The shelter is constructed out of horizontal, untreated spruce timber. The design uses only a minimum amount of different size details which can be assembled even by a novice DIY builder. The manufacturing process of the shelter is extremely economical in material use and the building material is from a renewable source.   The main design is composed of an open terrace and half closed area. The latter can be modified into an ancillary room or a summer shower area. If the ancillary room is not necessary, the terrace part can be enlarged or be left out of the design.   

Design awards: Design contest "To Estonian roots 2013" - 2. place Estonian Forest and Wood  Industries Association contest "Wooden building of the year 2013" - design facade special prize

NB! Price offer covers building kit and delivery to UK. Prize does not cover foundations or assembly costs.
Neto area: 11,6 m²
Design: Tarmo Piirmets
Photos: Virge Viertek
Price: 9 300€+VAT