The space between the townhouses is treated as a continuing landscape that will not be fenced. The space widens for two common areas: a public square for community activities and a playground for children. The parking places for bicycles are gathered to the areas’ entrances forming 3 small pavilions that act as an imaginary border for more private area between the rowhouses. 


Apartment building  

The apartment building contains 24 apartments (16 1-bedroom units, 8 2-bedroom units) that are accessed through the gallery on the northern side, that is separated slightly from the main building block. The stairs are shifted in relation to each other so as not to form a staircase. The landings are places so they disturb the views from the windows the least. All the apartments receive light from at least two sides. The larger apartments are place at the ends of the building, receiving light from 3 sides.! ! All the living rooms are placed on the southern side of the building extending out onto wide terraces through full height windows. The building is cladded in larch, stained dark with iron sulfate. The southern side faces the row houses and is warmer, while the northern side is covered by the metal gallery structure and corresponds more to the road’s scale.


All the units face to the side with evening sun. If this side is facing away from the pathway, the streetside is partially lowered to create a more varied facade. The storage room is connected to the building and forms a half-enclosed entrance area with a roof and a lattice wall. In the other case the storage room is positioned along the plot border, creating a semi-private front yard. The sunward side has a full length terrace. The gardens of the row houses are separated by wooden planters.! ! The row houses are cladded in two types of timber, the lighter one is white stained pine, the darker is larch stained dark with iron sulfate.

Rowhouses type B10.1 


In this project we have resolved the plans for the buildings on site B10.1. The building has 2,5 floors. The first floor is a living room that extends through the building, it is possible to use the extension for an extra bedroom, but it could function as an extension of the living room. The living room extends onto the terrace through a window wall. The 2nd floor has 3 bedrooms and on the 2,5th floor is an second living room). ! ! The larger buildings on the areas B10.2 and B10.3 have the same outer dimensions but these unit are typologically different: the entrance, southern side and the extension are on different faces of the houses. With the wall layout that is presented here it is possible to use the same building on both sites by just switching the location of two rooms.! 

Design: 3+1 Architects, Gert Guriev, Markus Kaasik, Riin Kersalu, Kerstin Kivila, Taavi Lõoke, Mihkel Meriste, Andres Ojari, Ilmar Valdur