There comes a time in our lives when we might need to decide if we want a house that is custom designed for us or to choose from a catalogue of prefabricated houses. A house designed just for us, which caters to our needs and desires, versus a prefabricated house, which is usually overly conservative and designed by some unknown drafter, but is also cheap and can be built quickly.

Sadly, there are not that many options to choose from.


Why can´t our best architects design progressive and contemporary houses that apply the principles of low cost and fast assembly without forgoing good design? We aim to do just this. We provide our customers with pre-designed houses conceived by our most promising architects coupled with the expertise and experience of reliable manufacturers. They're like prefabricated houses, only better, more progressive, and ecologically minded. We see this as a new and much needed helping hand for prospective homeowners. Our pre-designed house can be your new home.


We believe that this is a new way of looking at home construction. And we believe that ecological thinking and progressive technological solutions must go hand in hand with innovative architecture.

Sincerely yours,


Tiit Sild, katus.eu CEO, former city architect of Tartu

E-mail: tiit.sild@katus.eu
Skype: tiit.sild
Phone: +372 55 601 425
Address: Kalevi 13, Tartu 51010, Reg: 11910449: EE101703947